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  reliable blog hosting

Because you deserve something better than AOL or Yahoo!, because you want hosting without banner ads or popups, hosting on reliable servers with fast connections, Redpin offers you blog hosting; customisable, expandable, and high-quality hosting, scaled to fit the needs of bloggers, and with a healthy dose of knowledge, service and support.

For the maximum possible performance, we put no more than twenty customers per server. Why share a server with hundreds or even thousands of others? Host your site with Redpin and see the difference!

  affordable blog hosting

It's not just a blog, it's a lifestyle, and, increasingly, almost a revolution. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be expensive to get in on the action! Starting at about the price of a pack of cigarettes or a few bottles of beer per month, Redpin has fully customisable hosting plans that let you expand as your blog grows. Why pay for what you won't use?

  redpin blog hosting

Get hosting on Intel- and AMD-powered machines in U.S. datacentres, running Linux, and all with multiple connections to internet backbones for fast traffic. No DSL lines here! All machines have extremely high uptime and redundant power systems to insure that your web presence will rarely, if ever, be unavailable. We never oversell our servers - and it shows! In fact, we're currently adding new customers to servers that will, at most, only ever have twenty users. How cool is that? Hosting starts at just $2.50 USD per month, for 100MB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth. Additional space and bandwidth is just $2 per month for each 100MB additional disk space and 1GB of bandwidth, and we won't suspend your account if you go over - we'll just bill you for the actual bandwidth you use. Naturally, this includes all you need to run Wordpress or any other blog CMS - a MySQL DB, Perl and PHP, CGI support, and more, plus web stats.

Click below to get started with basic blog hosting for just $2.50 USD, with PayPal:

For higher space and bandwidth you'll need to contact us, or see our webhosting page.

We want to make your hosting experience easy, painless, and enjoyable. Whatever blogging package you want to run, whatever questions you might have, we're eager to help you. We'll even install and setup WordPress or most other blog software for you! Don't put up with the mediocrity of pop-ups, banners, daily traffic quotas, annual contracts and the other nonsense found elsewhere. Ask questions, look around, and try us out. We think you'll be glad you did.

Think 100MB of disk space isn't a lot? This site - - the entire html site, images and all, is less than 200kb. You could fit our site more than two-hundred times over into 100MB, and still have room left over. Even with a CMS, you can fit an awful lot into this space - a basic MT or WordPress install takes less than 10MB. Don't think 5GB of bandwitdh is adequate? With gzip compression (standard on all our servers), that's better than eighty-thousand typical pages viewed per day. For 99.99% of the blogs out there, this is far more than adequate.

Completely advertising free. Weekly backups. Stable, reliable, dependable, and fast.

Check out some customer's sites: Entropic Memes, and mlah.

Got questions? We got answers! See our contact page to get in touch.

All blogs must, naturally, comply with our Terms of Service.

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