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  personal email service that rocks

You've finally found it: The last, best email service you'll ever need.

By choosing Redpin for your e-mail needs, you get not only high-quality service on reliable U.S.-based servers with fast connections, but fast, knowledgable support and highly effective spam filtering with SpamAssassin, bayesian filtering, DNS blacklisting, and advanced delivery-time sanity-checking.

All our email accounts come with 200 megabytes of disk space to store saved or unread email and attachments, and no bandwidth quotas. If you need more room, simply call or email us for a free quote.

In addition to authenticated SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, plus SSL-encrypted secure email - SMTPS, POP3S, and IMAPS, all accounts include easy to use webmail programs including Squirrelmail and IlohaMail, with spellcheck, calendar, filtering, address-book features and more! SSL-encrypted webmail is now standard on every server, for the absolute maximum in security and privacy!

Please have a look at the email factsheet for all the details of this incredible service.

Redpin supports and employs SPF, an effective industry-standard anti-spam tool - does your host even know what that is?

Get started now and discover the difference! Click below to pay with PayPal:

  simply better domain-based email

If you are a small business, company, or otherwise have your own domain name, and you need email service, look no further!

Redpin can provide full email services for your company or site at highly competetive rates with same-day setup. As always, no contracts, no setup fees, great support, and fast, reliable service - POP3, authenticated and multiport SMTP, and IMAP, all with secure SSL and TLS encryption.

If your existing hosting doesn't include full email service, or the typically mediocre email isn't good enough, we can help! By simply and painlessly creating or altering the DNS records for your domain, we can setup one of our machines as your mail server, allowing you to still send and receive email as normal - you just use one of our fast, stable, dedicated mailservers. This relieves you of the chore of maintaining and administering email at your site, and gives you the reliable, high-quality service you expect and demand. Everything is completely transparent to users; they'll never know you don't have and run your own mailserver.

Even if you don't have a website but only a domain name, Redpin can easily handle your email needs. If you're in need of better domain-wide email, contact us. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the difference quality makes.

Tired of waiting for important email to arrive? Average speed of delivery at Redpin is five seconds, from the time they hit send to the message appearing in your mailbox. Messages sent from Yahoo and Hotmail average just three seconds. While a large part of delivery speed is down to network speed, the time from a message reaching our servers to reaching your mailbox - making it thru a battery of blacklists and spam-scanners - is consistently one second or less. Put in simple terms, if you used Redpin for your email, in the time it takes you to read this sentance, your important email would most likely have arrived in your inbox. Compare that to most major ISPs, and you'll get an idea of our performance - and quality.

Check out the Redpin email factsheet for further details, then get in touch today!

  premium email at bargain prices

Many people refer to our e-mail services as premium. Now, we do offer high-quality services with as many features as possible, but the fact is, what we offer is really no more than what you have the right to expect from any competent provider. The fact that our service is considered "premium" speaks volumes about the quality, support, and competence of the supposed competition. Yes, you can get "unlimited" POP3 boxes and a gigabyte of space for a few dollars a month from some here-today, gone-tomorrow "web hosts" still living in their parents' basements. In this day and age, any teenager can sell space on their DSL-connected PC or an oversold reseller account somewhere, trying to "compete" in the market on price and price alone. If price is all that matters to you, by all means go find the absolute best "deal" you can find, and help pad a kid's beer or video-game budget. Do you get what you pay for? Absolutely.

If, on the other hand, you'd like reliable service with a lot of features and excellent support, well, that's what we do. We have multiple and secondary mailservers, redundant diverse DNS servers, full support for SPF records, extremely effective spam-filtering, excellent uptime, fast and friendly support, and ten-year track record, a lot of happy customers, and sensible and realistic pricing... if that's "premium" in this marketplace, who are we to argue?

All customers must, naturally, abide by our Terms of Service.

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